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Thu, Nov 1, 2018 2:07 AM

Lightroom: Camera matching profiles do not match between Mobile and Classic

I've synced a bunch of images from a current shoot from my Classic installation to Lightroom Mobile. All of the images have the Camera Neutral profile assigned because that's the default that I have set. When I view the images on my iPad, it shows the profile as Adobe Standard, but the image is clearly with the Camera Neutral profile applied. (for those wondering, all of the profiles are indeed selectable in LR Mobile, but what is set in Classic is not reflected in Mobile)

As soon as i make an adjustment, the image is then shown with the Adobe Standard profile applied. 

How can i simply have what is assigned in Lightroom Classic to be reflected in Lightroom Mobile?


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3 y ago


Can you get me the version number of Lightroom Classic CC (Help>System Info...) and the installed version number from your iPad?



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3 y ago


Apart from providing the version information as Rikk requested, can you try to re-apply "Camera Neutral profile" on those images from the Lightroom Mobile app?

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3 y ago

It sounds like the same issue I reported a couple of month ago here: