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Mon, Apr 23, 2018 5:55 AM

Lightroom Bulk HDR Batch execution in one go using a Tag applied at grouping stage

Lightrooms HDR is the best in the business, however it still remains a clunky and time consuming process to group effectively and execute in a time efficient fashion. For a long time now users have been asking for a way to Execute Multiple HDR groups in one go after firstly creating the bracket groups. Currently there are two ways to bulk batch HDR groups and both are frustrating and time inefficient. You either group your bracket shots followed by Shift+Cntrl+H each time you group. Or you go through an entire shoot grouping all the brackets together and then go back one by one and hit Shift+Cntrl+H on each group one by one. Either way is slow and clunky because the thumbnail bar at the bottom keeps annoyingly jumping each time you set off a hdr process. The only way to make this a time efficient and enjoyable process is to firstly create all your bracket groups and for each bracket group you tag for HDR Batch Execute much like rating a file. Once all your bracket groups are created and every shoot I often have 30 or more, the HDR Batch can be started for all groups that have been tagged for HDR Batch. At the end of the batch all HDR tags on grouped images would be cleared. Please seriously consider this function, it would save us a lot of time and frustration. Whilst the batch is in process, we can take a break and make coffee coming back to a job well done to continue editing the hdr's

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