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Thu, Jan 26, 2012 7:50 PM


Lightroom: Book Module: Export as InDesign (indd) file and LR catalogs for book management

I would like to request a feature to export a book module as indd file.
I like PDF's but .indd is nice also so we are able to to more in depth layouts.
Having Lightoom being able to manage all your pictures and book layouts would be nice, alot of things can be done in one application.

Another Feature: Using Lightoom as book layout management.

Being able to send a page(s) of the book from lightroom into InDesign to do indepth layout and editing, then being able to send it back into lightroom
Almost similar to how you can send a photo from LR in Photoshop to do indepth editing and then send it back into lightroom.

This could and will ease the workflow of book management and layout design. So lightroom will not only be able to manage photos, but also indesign and book layouts.

Maybe even have a book catalog, similar how there are catalogs for pictures!

Here is the thread that many users and community pros will want this features. Would be very useful to help my wedding album layouts workflow! We have alot of weddings here in Hawaii!


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9 y ago

I wholeheartedly endorse this feature request. I see LR as the hub of my creative workflow. Just as videographers should have a roundtrip option to do the majority of their work in Premiere, those of us with design skills should be able to roundtrip layouts into InDesign to harness it's superior typography and layout capabilities.

Providing a pathway to Adobe's superior specialist applications is the right approach for customers and the right approach for Adobe. It will allow for ultimate creativity, and avoid the inevitable feature creep that will come from making LR a crazy swiss army knife.

Not all photographers have a design background, but wedding photographers are increasingly producing sophisticated books, either themselves or with the help of professional designers. The .indd export/import capability would enrich and facilitate that creative collaboration.

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9 y ago

Can only support this request !

BTW, already the export part would be a great asset. I really can imagine me preparing the basic layout in LR4 book module, then export to InDesign (where the images would be PSD files with one layer = a smart object to the original -dng- image so it can be tweaked some more in camera raw for instance) to further refine it. From there the existing Blurb to PDF workflow will already be a great route.

Importing back to LR would of course be better, but I suspect it's a longer dev. path ;-)

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9 y ago

I like this idea a lot. I would have supported this earlier if I had spotted it, but was traveling Dec/Jan and missed this post.

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9 y ago

I am also totally for this idea. I am glad to see others who see this as a natural feature in LR and I am surprised that the Adobe engineers haven't thought of it themselves. It makes soooo much sense.

Fingers Crossed...

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6 y ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Export Lightroom Book to InDesign.

I would love to be able to export the book to InDesign to make final adjustments to the book. Or alternatively be able to create my own templates to use for the book in Lightroom.

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6 y ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom: Ability to export book created in Lightroom to an inDesign template fo....

Would like to have the option to export books created in Lightroom to an inDesign file for further tweaking and fine-tuning in inDesign. Thank you!