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Thu, May 30, 2019 10:17 PM

Lightroom: batch "edit capture time" issue

I have 8.3.1 version which is up to date for me now and I have the issue with "Edit capture time" function which doesn't work properly in case of applying it towards several photos. Sometimes it works but most of the time it doesn't change the time for multiple photos correctly – put some random dates. I recorded a screen video about how this malfunction goes. So for those who care and can fix, take a look, please:


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2 y ago

The video resolution isn't letting me read the original dates of the images you selected, but I'm guessing you're running into a common misunderstanding of the "Adjust to a specified date and time" option.  That option actually adjusts multiple images by the same AMOUNT of time.

If you select multiple images, the most selected image will be changed to the date and time you enter and all the other images will be adjusted by the same amount.

For example, if your change added 5 minutes to the most selected image, the time on all the other images would be adjusted to +5 minutes of what they were previously.

Lightroom doesn't have a function to change multiple images to the SAME date and time.