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Sun, Oct 14, 2012 8:41 PM


Lightroom: Automatic backup cleanup option

I just found out that lightroom keeps spamming my harddrive with backup databases without any limits.
That actually feels like a huge bug, but seems to be a "feature".

So here to request would be what tons of other pieces of software already do:
Make it an option to discard old backups automatically via one of two criteria:
a) discard oldest backups if total sum of backap data exceeds x megabyte
b) discard oldest backups if the get older than x days/weeks/months

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8 years ago

Excellent point!!

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8 years ago

Ideally, I would like to see a backup preservation policy akin to what network administrators do in larger companies for critical company data, in short:

Keep lots of recent backups, and progressively less older backups (but not get rid of old backups entirely).

e.g. one per year for older years
one per month for more recent years
one per week for recent months
one per day for recent weeks

That's actually what I do manually, so automation would be a nice convenience.

In the mean time, consider Matt Dawson's backup plugin, which has some cleanup & archiving options, and also backs up other critical Lr data besides the catalog.