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Wed, Feb 20, 2013 5:10 AM

LIGHTROOM: applying Auto Tone to multiple photos

I have recently imported many images into LightRoom 4.3 and need to apply Auto Tone to all of the images. After the import, I selected multiple files in the Grid View, right-clicked for Develop Settings... and selected Auto Tone.

I can now select any of the individual files and go to the Develop page. I see Auto Tone in the History list for that file, but noted that "Auto" [Tone] is not greyed out in Basic development tools list. If I click on Auto, the tone settings change further.

Alternatively, without clicking on Auto tone again, I can select the "Import" line in the History list and then select the Auto Tone line in the History list and the tone settings will show different values.

Both of these are indicating that applying Auto Tone to multiple images simultaneously is not the same as applying Auto Tone to individual images. And any additional development steps on those images further changes the tone settings.



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7 years ago

This is a serious problem that persists in Lightroom 5. When will it be addressed?