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Thu, Apr 11, 2019 2:17 AM

Lightroom and High Sierra Printing Problems

I have a 2011 MacBookPro and was running Sierra with Lightroom Classic CC 7.4, Epson 3880. No printing problems ever. I upgraded to High Sierra and problems started. The printer will not switch from Photo Black to Matte Black to of Lightroom. I subtracted and added the printer, dowloaded and or upgraded the drivers, turned Lightroom on and off, reloaded the paper profiles, manually switched from Photo Black to Matte Black, sent the file to another Epson 3880 my partner uses.  Nothing works. I realize most of you have moved on to Mojave and Lightroom 8 but if anyone had these problems previously I would appreciate an ideas. I also use Hahnemule papers but also tried some Epson Luster. Results are horrible. 


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2 y ago

Hello Barbara

I think your issue is very unlikely to be due to Lightroom.

I assume you have run all the print head tests, and cleaned if necessary.  Have you tried printing to the 3880 from another application (eg Preview, or photoshop?

My first thought was that the Matte/Photo Black switching in the 3880 has failed.  (That happened to me).  But you say the same problem occurs when you send your image files to another 3880.  

My second thought is that something is screwed up in the Epson driver.  Although you have downloaded the driver again, did you first throw away all Epson preference files?   Corrupted preference files are often cited as the cause of Epson printer problems when they occur.

I would try deleting all Epson related Preferences from both the System/Library/Preferences folder and also from your user/library/Preferences.  Then delete the  Epson sub-folder in the /Printers folder of both Libraries.

Then download and reinstall the 3880 driver from Epson (not Apple Store).  This will ensure that all prerences and settings are factory fresh.

If, after that, the problem still exists on both printers, then it may be time to look at reinstalling Lightroom completely.  

My 2¢