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Fri, Dec 16, 2011 11:51 PM


Lightroom: Allow files to be deleted in a Collection

I don't understand why, but for some reason, there is no way to remove files from the catalog or delete them outright from within the Quick Collection.


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10 y ago

Alt+Del will remove the image from your catalog.

The so called "Splat Delete" (Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Del) will remove the image from the catalog and delete it from disk. But please be aware that you won't be asked for any confirmation before the image(s) is removed from the catalog AND from disk.


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10 y ago

Offer an option for photos in collections to remove from collection or delete from disk. I think a right click should offer a menu with those options.

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Lightroom: Option To Delete or Remove From Collection.

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10 y ago


- "Splatt Delete" will move the photo's file(s) to the recycle bin, in case you oops'd...
- "Spatt Delete" will simply remove from catalog if virtual copy selected.
- "Spatt Delete" does "properly" remove photo(s) from published collections.

Its probably too late now, but I would have preferred a unified delete mechanism, so one does not need to think about whether their present source is a folder or collection before embarking upon deletion, e.g.

#k1 - remove from collection (prompt iff not viewing a collection). - for when you *are* aware that you are working on a collection.
#k2 - remove from lightroom catalog (optional confirmation prompt).
#k3 - remove from lightroom catalog and disk (prompt if virtual copy, optional prompt otherwise).

That way one just needs to think about what he/she wants to do and then do it, independently of type of active source.

Most prompts would be entirely optional, depending on personality.

Bonus Idea:
Have a Lightroom purgatory - deleted photos are moved to a Lightroom "trash" bin (operation is undoable, including reclaimed edit-history...) - photos in the trash are excluded from all searches...(unless explicitly specified). Then if not reclaimed within a month or so (or upon demand), they are permanently deleted.

That way, prompts would mostly be unnecessary. Maybe overkill, but it would be nice...

catalog:moveToLightroomTrash( photo(s) ) would need to be supported for plugins, too.




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10 y ago

There really is an easier way to do this. Deleting from your catalogue should be a pretty rare event. So, just mark them rejected with "x". You can set your filters such that rejected images are not shown.

Then, regularly open the whole catalogue grid view and purge the rejects.

These even allows you a second sober look at your images before you throw them in the bin.

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10 y ago

That only works in smart collections. In dumb collections the flag is local to the collection. In any case, your workaround is what the original post is trying to avoid.

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9 y ago

Splat-delete removes virtual copies from catalog when in library module, but not when in develop module. Grrr......

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8 y ago

My workflow involves collections. I'd love to be able to delete the rejected from within my smart collections instead of going directly to the folder o clicking "catalog".

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5 y ago

in 2016 still no real solution. 
It is cumbersome to delete image now, and all confirmation needed become automation, so in rare situation uinvanted deletion is still happening! And than there is no UNDO. 

So TRASH and UNDO is the solution - not 10's of warnings and strange keypress combinations before something is deleted.

In Windows I never used delete confirmation. I have recycle bin. And if there is file too big for it, that I get warning. 

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3 y ago

In 2018 - Still no solution

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3 y ago

As collections are becoming more readily available to create upon import, at the folder level, in mobile etc. it would be helpful to be able to include the delete functionality at this level.