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Sun, Nov 4, 2018 4:38 AM


Lightroom: Add rectangular/column mode selection of photos from grid view

If the user holds shift and clicks a range of photos in Grid view, Lightroom will select all the photos sequentially as if each horizontal strip is one segment of a long photo strip.  For example, in a grid of 4x4 photos named A through P, if B is clicked and then O is shift-clicked, all the photos except A and P will be selected.

I would like to use a different currently unused sequence, such as alt-click, to perform a rectangular selection.  For example, if B is clicked and the O is alt-clicked, you will see B,C,F,G,J,K,N,O selected in a vertical 2x4 rectangle with the outside columns unselected.

I take a lot of bracketed exposures and merge them into HDR photos.  Sometimes the brackets don't work out and I would like to grab only one vertical slice out of it, say to get all the 0 EV exposures.  Or I want to grab all the 0 EV and the HDR merged ones, and compare them while discarding all the other brackets.  Rectangular selection would make it trivial to grab or discard what I need, without resorting to complicated filters.


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2 y ago

When I'm looking at HDRs in Grid mode, I can often adjust the thumbnail size to get all five brackets on one row; it makes color-coding go faster.. I think your idea is good, though, and a possible way of implementing it might be to drag a selection marquee around a rectangular group of photos using the mouse.

Freeform marquee selection would be cool, too, so as not to be restricted by a rectangle (which could force inclusion of unwanted photos), but that's probably too much to ask for (understandably).