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Thu, Oct 11, 2018 12:53 AM

Lightroom: Add placeholders in "Export Location" tab

In the same fashion I can customize the name of the exported files based on given placeholders, I would love to export to subfolders (or above/next to the root folder) that can be renamed based on given placeholders.

For example:
"today's date" +"space" "filetype" -> "20181011 PSD"

Since I personally organize my files in this fashion: Client->Project's Date->Edits, I would find useful to be able to create subfolders that get the name of the root folder's root (parent or grandparent), so that I would be able to export to a meaningful subfolder:

For example (suppsing I'm in "Edits" folder):
"grandparentfolder"+"space" +"parentfolder" +"space" +"filetype"->"Adobe 20181011 PSD"
"grandparentfolder"+"custom text"->"Adobe Final Revision"



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