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Tue, Nov 10, 2015 1:54 AM


Lightroom: Ability to write Photoshop-like Actions

I read with interest the mea culpa over the new, dumbed down, import module. Well, that's a start. I have to wonder at the amount of time devoted to making Lightroom more like iPhoto, rather than more like Photoshop...

One of the things I and many others have asked for with Lightroom is the ability to write Photoshop-like Actions in Lightroom. Not just single presets but the ability to stack presets and have one preset trigger then next.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's work involves endless repetition of the same crap, over and over again in an attempt to earn a crust from this business. Few things would improve my life and my livelihood more than the ability to automate these every day processes and it would seem to be fairly simple.

1. Allow certain events to trigger other events. For me, putting a card in the reader should trigger a single import script/preset but there should be the option of a dialogue box so, for instance, if you shoot realestate and portraits, when a card is inserted, a dialogue opens and asks you which preset to use - real estate, portraits or other. Click OK and the appropriate Action runs.

2. Allow us to use one preset to trigger another. So, for me, when I use a given export preset, have this trigger another import preset, which then sends the imported images to a quick collection. After I've manually sorted these images,, I would then set off another export /rename sequence of presets. This would save me a stack of time. I'm sure others would have similar workflows where programmable Actions would save them enormous time.

3. Allow us to set an aspect ratio as a preset. PLEASE! How hard can it be? It's not baked in, it's not set in stone. I can reframe those that need it but, for me, around 75% of my images would be framed just fine with that one preset, saving me hours.

4. Some way to program auto tone so it works to our prefs. Again, not baked in, not set in stone and wouldn't work with all images but would save a lot of time if we get it right in the camera (we're professionals - we can do that you know).

Please, I beg you Adobe. Give us Actions like in Photoshop. Then I'll never actually know what the import module looks like...


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