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Wed, Jan 11, 2012 9:00 AM


Lightroom: Ability to sort by Caption or Title

The sort by functionality in ligthroom is very limited and when exporting web libraries the order of the web library is dictated by the sort order in lightroom, hence managing large libraries that need to be regularly exported for web is very cumbersome...

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9 years ago

According to the author, the next version of the List View plugin will let you sort by caption or title (or many other fields) and then export the sorted list to a collection, which you could then use to export the Web library.


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7 years ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
Sort by caption in LightRoom 5?.

Sort by caption in LR5 ?
in 2008 and 2011 such a feature was already requested or brought up - looks like it is still not feasible.
I have an ornithological interest and have many pictures of birds tagged with the keyword BIRD . I put the species name in the caption field. I have now pictures of the same bird in different folders : how can I retrieve them without changing my folder structure is my problem . Other people collect cars or buildings......

Is somebody aware of a plug-in which might do that ?

Note that I have a way to do it but it requires additional file space : export all the pictures which need to be sorted and have a caption into a folder using the export option to add the caption into the file name .The original DNG file can be kept.. Then import those pictures again into LR and sort by file name .

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You do not need a plug-in for this. Smart collections can search for pictures with a certain word in the caption, and the filter panel can search for the word.

Don't change your folders or mess around with exporting and importing. It's almost pointless trying to categorise your pictures with folders when keywords and other metadata do the job much better.

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Using smart collection is fine if you know the precise caption . If not , you need a plug-in .
I downloaded Listview plug-in.. Does the job and serves me purpose perfectly.

Thanks John
Ideally I would have liked to be able to do a sequential sort eg. first sort by caption, then keeping this sequence sort by date

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6 years ago

Consider script:

'Order Photos In Collection'

free, written by me, downloadable here:

Note: any (non-smart) collection (including publish) can be sorted as desired.

To be clear: "advanced" customization is required if you want multi-level sorts etc.

and even some simple sorts (those without a pre-existing "favorite" (preset)) require tweaking lua text, which may be too much for some folk, but I can help if you ask..