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Mon, Jun 4, 2018 4:43 PM


Lightroom: Ability to merge Keywords in LR future?

So, eight years later I'm searching yet again for a better way to merge keywords and came across my post from 2010. Still no good way to merge them that I can find, just one at a time selecting, adding keywords to the images of the same key and combining them in a terribly slow and laborious way only to have them all duplicated again the next time I import images from a keywording service. Wow, Aperture was capable of this in 2006 but Lightroom still can't do it in 2018. I suppose it's safe to assume the LR will never be able to do this and keywording will remain a huge spaghetti bowl.

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Lightroom Classic: Better keyword management


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3 years ago

It is for this very reason that I abandoned Adobe products for keywording.  I now use Daminion.  Windows only though.

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3 years ago

If you want to use that comparison, Lightroom had many keyword features that Aperture never had!

But LR hasn't changed how it manages keywords, and realistically I doubt it ever will.
The best thing to do is sort out the duplicates manually a few at a time, or just ignore the untidiness. If you're  still creating duplicates, maybe it will be more profitable to focus on why and to stop adding to the problem?

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3 years ago

Also, see my response in the original thread.