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Tue, Oct 6, 2015 11:03 AM

Lightroom: Ability to export slideshow movie with selected framerate, codec or compression level

Right now we have no control over exporting movie from slideshow. Just size and that is it.

We would like to select framerate at least, since we live in 25fps (PAL) region.

Yes in modern world 30 frames will play everywhere, but as sole file. I do like to import Slideshows in Premiere and combine with videos. Since all videos here are 25/50 frames it is inevitable that something will be choppy - video or slideshow.

Next is choosing different codec. Let say Cineform or image sequence in TIFF.

(it is possible now to deal with 30>25 fps, but is cumbersome. I resample sountrack for slideshow to "30 fps" speed, make and export slideshow, than import it to Premiere and interpret it as 25p, than replace audio with original audio file, which gives proper 25 fps look and feel. Than I integrate slideshow into longer video project. But is cumbersome...

so broather export controls would be great.



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4 years ago

Letting us chose what codec to use would be atreat. Right now, my TV doesn't recognize the codec, and my NAS seems to have some problems with it aswell, so I have to switch on an external mediaplayer to navigate to the network share where I put the slideshow. A different codec could work better.