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Wed, Apr 9, 2014 6:23 PM


LIGHTROOM: A Photo-Wall would allow to flip through your photos - define rows and columns on your own

My idea is to display photos as a photo-wall, i.e. photos displayed in rows and columns defined on my own. For example each photo-row includes photos of the same day while the photo-columns are sorted with respect to descending evaluation stars 5 down to 0.

With a touch screen monitor I could browse through my photo collection in a convenient, self-defined manner.

More detailed:

More general a photo-wall is defined as
a) a current, overall selection of photos (e.g. all photos of year 2013), and
1) the photo-row's order: A single row includes all photos of the same folder or, alternatively, the same smart collections or, alternatively Lr's staples,... and
2) the photo-column's order: Within a row the photos are shown in columns and are sorted for example with respect to evaluation stars 5 down to stars 0 or, alternatively, with respect to recording time or ...

What do you think about this idea? I often try to display my photos, but with this it would be possible not to show them linearly, but two-dimensional, and I can dig into photos of interesting rows or columns.

Kind regards, WernerJL.


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