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Sun, Jan 4, 2015 9:19 PM

Lightroom: A leftie in a rightie world - Develop panels need to swap sides

I was dead excited when I bought my Surface Pro 3 a week ago. I was really looking forward to using it for Lightroom work without being stuck in a room on a desktop.

I watched a guy on YouTube using his for the same purpose, but what I didn't take in to consideration was that he is right handed, I'm not. When using the pen for moving sliders in the develop module, my hand would totally cover up the photo I'm working on, making it a painful experience throughout.

I know its not possible in the current version, but it would be really great if it was possible to customize the position of the panels (left side/right side, up, down, etc etc) in a future update.

Thanks for reading. Neil.

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6 y ago

I would love this feature too. It's so simple but would make a huge differance



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