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Sun, Feb 16, 2020 12:42 PM

Lightroom 9.2 update big disappointment re Develop presets by ISO

I need to say this update is a disappointment. Prior to this release, for years, I have been using develop presets by camera by iso. They worked great.  With the release of L'room 9.2 puff they are now usless and no longer work.

Adobe has now given us the opportunity,  to learn how to write code in xmp files in order to get back our develop presets by iso.

Who thought of doing this?

Could Adobe not have made the new way an option and let the old way continue?

Could they have offered a wizard to create develop presets in 9.2 so we can get back our delevop presets by ISO?

Could they made a sample available that we could edit for our own particulary camera?

Of course they could have done all of the above, but they didn't even offer decent instructions.

Dear Adobe , I want to spend my time doing photogrpahy not learning how to write code in XMP files.


Please take a step back, soon,  and try to figure out how to fix this mess created by 9.2 and then please communicate it to  your customers.

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