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Thu, Feb 21, 2019 2:09 PM

Lightroom 8.2: Tethered Capture hangs when Canon camera falls asleep

The previous Lightroom Classic CC update to support tethered capture, splitting out Canon vs. Nikon was a big improvement in stability and especially speed of transfer.  But now the most recent update, where it attempts to detect camera type when it tries to connect is having problems.  Yes it works with my Canon camera, but sometimes if the camera falls asleep after a minute or two of non-use, then Lightroom gets confused and hangs.  I then have to shut down Lightroom, disconnect my usb cord, turn my camera off and back on, and then reconnect everything and restart Lightroom and HOPE it works.    That is VERY disruptive when doing a tethered photo shoot in my studio (which is all the time).  The most recent release is buggy.


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