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Sat, Apr 2, 2016 9:27 PM

Lightroom 6.5: Backup - Catalog Integrity check is unusually slow

Hi all.

So I'm using Lightroom since the 1st beta version. I'm fully aware of all it's functionalities, settings, usability and performance. Yet there's one thing that surfaced up since the last couple of upgrades that I wasn't able to solve.

The lightroom backup process is taking tooooo long for 'Catalog Integrity Check' (the 1st step in the backup process).

I have about 26,980 photos (RAW+PSD+JPG+TIFF). This shouldn't be a problem for lightroom as it can handle much more. It wasn't a problem few months ago, but suddenly a backup process takes about 30 minutes, where for about the same amount of photos it took roughly 7~10 minutes (including zipping the catalog).

It seems that the integrity check is the only process that is either stuck or very slow.

Looking at windows performance monitor, I can see HDD access with the read speed of 1.5MB/s and below which is unusually very slow. 
Previously this number was very high (it's not HDD issue, I tested HDD performance and errors, it's all to spec).

I re-installed lightroom and also exported my catalog to create new one. It didn't solve the problem.

Other than that, optimization + copy + zipping is fast as usual.

This is not a windows 10 issue, since the backup used to work just fine before LR version 6.4 on Win10.

Previous LR versions to 6.4 didn't present this problem. 
LR version 6.5 has this problem as well.

No changes to my OS has been made. No changes to LR settings as well.


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4 years ago

Mine is taking over 4 hours and looks 7% done.  Usually it takes about 20 minutes. Latest version of LR

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4 years ago

Hi Gil,
we have tested with 17GB catalog with 1000k images, it took around 15 minutes.
Could you please share your catalog, so that we can test on that.
@C gjerde - could you please share your catalog too.