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Wed, May 4, 2016 8:38 PM

LightRoom 6 - When moving between modules it stops and indicates "Develop module is not responding"

I have LR 5 and it is working well. I purchased LR6 and have loaded it on my desktop. It appears to work and even downloads my presets and other functions however when if move from any module like develop to file the programs shuts down with note develop module is not responding. I have reloaded several times and even put in on a separate drive and still have the same result 6 to 7 times.  Any ideas  Frank Patout




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5 years ago

Try turning off the GPU acceleration from the user preference dialog. See

Can you copy-n-paste the system info here from your Lightroom Help>System Info...

Principal Scientist, Adobe Lightroom

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5 years ago