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Fri, Jan 17, 2014 6:29 PM

Lightroom 5.3: Copy/Sync Develop Settings from Grid/Loupe view does not work until Develop module has been entered

I have just discovered that the Copy/Sync feature does not work from the Grid/Loupe view until the Develop module has been entered. I thought something was broken, and suspected that it had to do with the fact that I was using Smart Previews with my external drive disconnected. I thought the copy/sync functionality was just broken, but then I discovered it working again.

If I just launch Lightroom and attempt to copy/sync develop settings from one photograph to another, nothing happens. The "Copy Settings" dialog never appears. But, if I press the "D" key to enter the Develop module and then press "E" or "G" to go back to the Library module, the copy/sync functionality works correctly again.

So, it seems that the Develop module must be entered before this functionality is activated. Now that I have figured out the workaround, I will no longer panic when this happens, but it seems like an issue that should be addressed.

I am currently running the latest version (5.3).


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7 years ago


OMG, I have had this problem for months and NO ONE has been able to help.
I can report that I have finally found out what the problem is and a fix to the problem.
To FIX THE PROBLEM of lightroom not syncing changes across multiple images is to Purge the Cache.
Go to Edit, Preferences. Under the Camera Raw Cache Settings, click the Purge Cache button. Problem fixed.
Now we need to ask Adobe to fix this in future updates so that Cache does not have this problem.

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