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Mon, Nov 26, 2018 4:55 PM

lightroom 5

My laptop is only 32 bit not 64 so I can't download the latest version of LR but I it directs me to download LR5. 
I'm happy with this but do I have to keep my subscription of $9.95/mo. current or can I just stop the subscription and continue to use LR5?


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2 years ago

Robert, you would need a license key to use Lightroom (5 or 6). Do you have either? If so, you can revert to a perpetual license using your license key.

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2 years ago

Is your laptop installed with a 32-bit operating system or does the chipset inside it only support 32-bit operating systems? Otherwise I recommend to do a clean install with a 64-bit Windows or Mac OS version which should normally be a free change. Big performance gains!