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Sun, Jun 23, 2013 1:08 PM

Lightroom 5: Does not synchronize nor import files to its library

When I'm trying to import and synchronize a folder to Lightroom 5 I can't. Lightroom goes through the import procedure, i.e tells me how many pictures there are to be imported etc. and when I press the synchronize button everything seems to be alright... But, then a sign comes up saying there are no pictures or videos to be imported. But there are. I can see the folder I want to import on my external hard-drive, I can see it if I use Bridge, but if I use Lightroom 5 I can't.


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6 years ago

Until now I have been able to successfully synch the photos on my hardrive(s) with LR 5. Something has happened that only a fraction of the files the ACTUALLY exist on my harddrive are recognized in my Library and, thus, cannot be treated with the DEVELOP feature. What's going on?

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6 years ago

Walter, See this help topic:

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