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Thu, Oct 18, 2012 11:34 AM

Lightroom 4.2 : Accented Keywords


I have a big prob with accented keywords : if one of these keywords contain accented letter like àéù... I can't use the search function. Exemple : one keyword is Véronique (girl firstname). If I type 'V', word 'Véronique' stays in the list. But if I type 'Vé', word 'Véronique' don't stay anymore in the result.
May be a bug ?

Thanks for this very good product !


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8 years ago

I can confirm this with 4.2 on a Mac. Auto-complete is not working with accented characters.

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8 years ago

To avoid problems with files transferred across computing platforms, request keywords that use only the letters of the Latin alphabet (A-Z, a-z). Avoid accented letters, non-Latin letters, and other non-standard characters.

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8 years ago

Cannot repro on english Windows. Both search and autocomplete wrok with Véronique.