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Tue, Jul 24, 2012 8:42 AM

Lightroom 4: Scrolling in auto-hidden filmstrip sometimes selects next image

When scrolling the film-strip using a two-finger sweep, Lightroom sometimes select the "next" image instead of scrolling. This only happens in the Library module in Loupe mode, when the film-strip is in auto-hide mode. Typically, this happens once out of three scrolls.

My *guess* as a programmer is that some of the sweep event goes to the handler of the filmstrip (causing it to scroll) while some events go to handler of the main window (causing it to select the next image).

Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Lightroom 4.1. Mac Pro with an Apple "Magic Trackpad".

There is a trivial work-around: don't auto-hide the filmstrip.


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