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Sat, Apr 14, 2012 12:15 AM


Lightroom 4: More Flexible Capture Time Adjustments

The lightroom 4 capture adjustment options available are great if you have an actual camera capture time as all photos (though maybe not with the correct date or time) will at least be in chronological order. However, it is not so great when trying to catalog scanned images with only approximate ideas of when the image was captured.

I've been scanning lots of ancient family photos and am using lightroom 4 to catalog them. For most of these photos I only have vague ideas of when they might have been taken. And hardly any were scanned in a chronological order.

To be able to view them by capture time in a relatively chronological order lightroom should allow the following:

A) Incomplete capture times (e.g. if you only know the year and month ... it could be entered e.g. as DD.04.1964 HH:MM:SS) and that way they would be listed either at the beginning or the end of all the april photos of 64)

B) Batch changes of a single entry (i.e. instead of changing the date & time relative to a chosen photo within a selection, change all the photos in that selection to a specific date/time)

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9 years ago

Regarding incomplete capture times: The XMP specification allows the following:


Photoshop Elements has long supported such incomplete capture times, but it had a number of problems. Not only was PSE itself buggy with respect to incomplete times (and Adobe never fixed the bugs), but other applications got confused by them. So in my PSE catalog, I stopped trying to use them. Thus, when I converted to LR, I wasn't losing any capabilities.