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Fri, Nov 18, 2011 12:45 AM

Lightroom: 3.6 RC Unresolvable Metadata conflicts arise when using plugins

Issue Summary:

LR 3.6 RC has unresolvabe metadata conflicts under the following conditions:

Edit in external plugin Silver Efex Pro 2 and make additional LR develop adjustments after saving file back to LR.

LR 3.6RC DNG file >> Silver Efex Pro 2 >> LR 3.6 RC with develop adjustments = unresolvable metadata conflicts

UPDATE-- I just tested this work flow in LR 3.5 on a different computer and there were no issues.

I have reverted back to LR 3.5 now.

- Workflow as described now works without conflicts

-Files that previously showed conflicts are now able to successfully retry metadata export and resolve conflict


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9 y ago

I had this problem once when using ImageMagick. Turned out it was writing metadata in a fashion that was incompatible with Lightroom. I upgraded to latest version of ImageMagick and the problem went away.

Consider submitting a problem report to Nik too. I assume the problem does not happen with just *any* plugins, right? Only Nik's?? Only Sliver Efex Pro 2???

(Just because the bug appears in 3.6 RC, does not mean its a bug in 3.6 RC. It may have been a "bug" in 1-3.5 but Nik had programmed their plugin to work with it...)

In fact, first thing to try when 3.6 final comes out is a new version of Silver Efex Pro - they may have fixed it by then, if they haven't already (or it could just be a good 'ol fashioned bug in 3.6 RC of course...).

To Adobe: An informative error message would be helpful for these cases.

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9 y ago

I just had this problem again, or similar - this time with a CR2 file. I don't think I've edited it externally, but I'm not sure. Its not a metadata conflict but metadata needs to be saved, yet saving it doesn't work - the down arrow persists - no error message, no warning.

win 7/64 - file is not read-only, date does not change.

Confession: I may have exiftool'd it or something in a way Lightroom no longer likes (I also do not think it had this problem in previous version I used to edit it, 3.5 I guess).

So, I don't know if Adobe tightened up some reigns or introduced a bug..., but an error message would sure be nice...



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9 y ago

Rob wrote, "metadata needs to be saved, yet saving it doesn't work - the down arrow persists - no error message, no warning."

This can happen if you have newlines in the caption or title -- no matter how many times you save, LR still thinks the metadata needs to be saved.

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9 y ago

Same problem here on Mac OS X Lion. Glad to finally see a workaround here after many many hours trying to track it down.

I'm using Silver Efex Pro 2 v 2.003 which I just downloaded again from the Nik site, so it is the most current version of SEP.

Reverting to Lightroom 3.5 does fix the problem.

I have submitted a bug ticket with Nik as well.