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Mon, Jul 18, 2011 11:51 PM

Lightroom 3.4.1: Strange problems with develop presets in import

When I import a foto applying a *user* develop preset, the foto is wrongly imported with process version 2003. The develop preset does *not* contain the process version (verified by applying the preset to an already imported foto in process version 2010, which does not change), and LR has been reset to the Adobe standard default settings for the camera type before, so I think it is not a user error.

This only happens for user presets, and not for Lightroom's build-in presets. If I recall correctly, a similar problem was fixed a while ago for the build-in presets, but now it seems to occur for user presents? The strange thing about it: It seems nobody has reported this problem before (at least I did not found it), so perhaps it is a problem local to my machine? Perhaps some components from older LR versions were not correctly de-installed? How can I check that?

Edit: Additional information: The user preset was freshly created in LR 3.4.1, so it cannot be a backwards-compatibility issue (presets created in LR 2 and before always default to PV2003 if I understand correctly).

Edit 2: More important information: I tried another preset, which worked perfeclty (PV 2010 after import), and wondered what happend now. So I "systematically" tried one setting after another until I came to the following conclusion: This happens if the user develop preset contains highlight recovery, fill light or noise reduction (at least - may be some more). It is striking that those are the settings that have been changed for PV2010!

So... anyone who wants to reproduce this: 1) Reset a foto to Adobe Defaults, 2) create a preset using "fill light" only, 3) import a foto applying this preset on import: The foto has PV2003.

Edit 3 (sorry for the many edits): An obvious workaround is to include the process version in the user preset.

Edit 4 (again, sorry ;-) ;-): At least someone else has observed this, too: It is still not clear to me whether this is "functions as desinged" or a bug.

Windows XP 32 Bit SP 3.

[Section deleted about presets appearing twice in drop-down-box: This seems to happen when changing languages and can be fixed by deleting the previous languages "lightroom presets" folder from "Adobe\Lightroom\Develop Presets" - perhaps I will start a new topic for this]


Official Solution

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4 y ago

Solved in Lightroom 4 and later.



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10 y ago

Thanks for the detailed description. I am able to reproduce this problem, and have entered it in our bug database.