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Sat, Oct 17, 2015 12:47 PM


Lightroom 2015.2.x pano function not working for DNG files from a Leica M8.2

Since Upgrading to Lightroom 2015.2.x I have been unable to create Pano's from DNG files created from a Leica M8, downgraded my laptop to 2015.1 and it works fine.




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5 years ago

This is a known problem related only to Leicas. It has been filed with the Lightroom team for fixing in a future update.

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5 years ago

I also have this problem - Leica M (typ 240) DNGs produce entirely black panoramas in LR, but work OK in PS. I have replicated in Windows and OSX.

Further evidence in the forums:

I hope this will be fixed in the next release?