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Fri, Sep 11, 2015 1:00 AM

Lighroom crashes on photo deletion

Lightroom CC 2015 freezes during photo deletion in both library, and develop setting. If deleted from local drive, its fine and continues to work, if deleted from just the catalogue, the program freezes/crashes.

This is the case regardless of whether an existing catalogue is used, or a brand new one. This also occurs if either on cloud (OneDrive/Dropbox tested), or if on a local drive.

I'm not certain if this is due to hardware, as this doesn't occur on my laptop, just my desk top.


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5 years ago

A preference reset is probably advisable just to be sure: Close Lightroom. Hold down [Shift]+[Alt/Opt] and launch Lightroom. Overwrite/Discard the preferences when prompted.

Does it still exhibit the behavior?
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