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Mon, Apr 9, 2018 9:30 PM

Not a problem

Leica DNG files are not re-converted when importing via Copy as DNG

I'm converting everything to DNG in import, following Peter Krogh's excellent workflow and key insight to Validate DNG when you want.  Alas, Leica in-camera DNGs are not adding validation checksums, so I'd like to convert them again on import.  I always do that and embed full-size preview and fast-load data while at it. 

Alas, it seems that Lr is not doing the conversion with Leica DNGs -- they keep their creation date and are reported not validated after import.  I have to manually select them and convert to DNG again in Lr, replacing originals, after which they are finally validating.

Lr Classic teamL can you please check?  Happy to supply Leica OOC DNGs.


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3 years ago

Sure. We will check.
I am reaching out you off list to get some more info.


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3 years ago

The DNG's coming in from my iphone do not ave the checksums also. In the past i converted them to DNG again but someone showed me that it's easier to choose in the 'Metadata' menu 'Update DNG Preview & Data' option. Maybe that's working for your DNG's too?



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3 years ago

This is as-designed behavior since Lr 2.5 I think. In case of "Copy as DNG" during import, since the source photos are already in DNGs, Lightroom would not force a re-convert to DNG again during import.

However, after import, you can invoke the library module command "Library>Convert Photos To DNG”, which will always do a re-convert, even if the original is DNG.

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