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Sun, Jul 5, 2020 8:49 AM

Launching Lightroom resets shared media cache location for Pr, Ae, Au and Me


By simply launching the latest Lightroom Classic (9.3), it will set the shared media caches locations for Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition and Media Encoder to the default Lightroom video cache location.


Even though Lightroom's own media cache location might be custom set to something else. 

Running the latest app versions available on MacOS Catalina 10.15.5

Does this also mean that the rather small cache size limitations usually set in lightroom now apply to the video editing apps shared cache too? Will Lightroom also delete cache files from Pr, Ae, Au, Me ?

This bug has been reported for years. It's been marked as solved before by suggesting newer versions would not show this behaviour.

Well its still here, I guess someone has to really look into this.

@Adobe: Could you please provide a workaround, if there is one, for the time being until this gets eventually fixed?



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10 m ago

Thanks, Andreas for bringing it up. We are aware of this issue, and working to address the same.

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6 m ago

Hi All,

  I have been struggling with some mysterious media cache problems in Premiere Pro, and only tonight clued in to the fact that the problems all arose after starting Lightroom.  So I ran the test:

Set Premiere cache location,

Quit Premiere

Restart Premiere -- caches are still in the same place (see Preferences/ Media Cache)

Start Lightroom (with Premiere still running)

Check Premiere cache locations -- they have now moved to ~/Library/Caches/Adobe/Ligtroom/Video.


Needless to say, this causes a world of hurt.  Including, most mysterious to my former naive self the fact that simply opening a Prem Pro project -- after this surreptitious switcheroo -- just hangs the program.  It seems not only to have changed the location but to have confused the database as well.  


I found forums saying to reset media cache and plugin preferenes by using opt-shift while starting Premiere.. that "solved" the problem because premiere regenerated the previews.


So, this seemingly innocuous behavior about surreptitiously changing the cache location, caused a couple of days of not being able to work, except to keep resetting the media/plugin preferences, and having to reset other preferences that got wiped, too.   


So plus one on the please up the priority on this.   Or at least add it as a precaution on the documentation page about how to set your Premiere media cache folders.. that using Lightroom makes that page of documentation wrong.


Sorry if I sound a bit bent out of shape.  I depend on your products, so it feels kind of personal. Thank you for listening.


All versions of Creative Cloud are the latest as of 2020_10_16

running on macOS 10.14.6


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Just updated to Lightroom Classic 10.0.  Launching it still resets the Premiere Pro Media Cache to ~/Library/Caches/Adobe/Lightroom/Video/Media Cache.

Premiere Pro hangs next time it opens an existing project. (does not crash, so there are no automated crash reports coming back to Adobe about this). 

To get Premiere Pro to work again,  

1) Launch Premiere without opening a project.

2) Preferences/Media Cache. - note that the ...Lightroom/Video location is there for both the Media Cache Files and the Media Cache Database.  -- Leave it that way.

3) Remove Media Cach Files - Delete...

Now Premiere will open an existing project without hanging.  Of course, it has to regenerate its cache files.  

After that, it seems that Premiere can continue to open projects even if you have opened Lightroom again.

HOWEVER - a new bug has cropped up while I was writing this... Simply leaving Lightroom Classic open apparently causes Premiere Pro to crash.  

System: Mojave 10.14.6

Lightroom 10.0

Premiere Pro 14.5.0

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1 m ago

Updates to Lightroom Classic and the Lightroom Ecosystem products for Desktop, Mobile and Web were released today and contain a fix for this issue.

Please refresh your Creative Cloud application and install your update when it becomes available. Thank you for your patience.

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Its still happening, despite updating Lightroom Classic.