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Sat, Jun 6, 2020 3:51 PM


Lack of Win/Lightroom H.265/HEVC support is an opportunity to improve Lightroom as Digital Asset Manager

It is coming up on two years since Adobe added H.265/HEVC support to Lightroom for Mac.  For Windows, nothing but crickets.

Even without having to directly address the H.254/HEVC issue, this is an opportunity for Adobe to boost Lightroom's power as a digital asset manager, and get in step with innovative programs like ACDSee and ON1.

All I require is a simple stub to represent H.265/HEVC digital assets in my LR catalog along side my photos, so I can add ratings, keywords, stacking, and such.  Heck, it would even be helpful to have a stub representing PDFs and DOCs and ZIPs that contain data or narratives connected with my photo shoots and projects.

The idea is keeping and organizing everything together.  Presently, I have tens of thousands of photos represented in Lightroom, but 100% of the H.265/HEVC videos are absent.  In practice, this is just plain awkward.

I don't need a sophisticated ability to edit videos or manipulate videos in Lightroom - for that task, there is no substitute for a dedicated video editing program like Premiere Pro.  So, Adobe, don't let compatibility or licensing issues or technical hurdles continue to stymie the introduction of H.265/HEVC support in Lightroom.

In summary, Adobe, please update Lightroom to include the ability to import digital assets of a variety of file formats (regardless of whether they are editable in Lightroom), so we can rate, keyword, stack, and manage these files along with the photos we already have in Lightroom.

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