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Wed, May 4, 2016 4:35 PM


Keyword counter (simple but MUCH needed feature)

Hey guys, 
I'm a professional user of Lightroom. I do stock photography for photo agencies (like Adobe Stock). We have to assign every image with a certain amount of keywords - so the images are searchable in the photobanks. 

We assign between 30 - 50 keywords and Lightroom works good for this. Only problem is we can't see how many keywords we have assigned. We need to manually count every word on every single image. This takes a lot of time. 
It would be so simple to have Lightroom do the counting for us. In 2016 a computer should be able to perform that task for us. Could you please consider implementing a keyword counter in next version of Lightroom? It would save us (and other stock photographers) so much time. 
Thank you. 
Best regards, Jacob Lund

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