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Tue, May 22, 2018 12:36 AM

Just adding my voice to the collective disapproval

While I have never been thrilled with the performance out of LR, it's generally been fine enough. So when they said Classic CC had improved performance as a key feature (nevermind my issues with the entire notion of splitting the app...) I updated right away. Two days later, I went back to the older CC because is was SO slow and problematic.

Mind you, I am running a brand new, maxed out Macbook Pro. I shouldn't be having any performance issues with most any software because of hardware.

But it was RIDICULOUS. 

Fast forward several months... Adobe acknowledges the problems... they release some updates...

And so I try it again, figuring it must be resolved by now....


Both times, I have a slew of performance issues; from general sluggishness (to downright unresponsiveness) to weird stuff where each time I go to crop a new image, the previous one first appears. And both times, I have to do a bunch of tricky dance moves to get all my work transferred back to the previous version so I can actually get work done. 

I understand that software development is a complicated thing and that users demands are tough to keep up with... I understand that everyone makes mistakes and if this was released a bit too soon or half baked, it was probably internal timelines and rushing... 
But this is just entirely unacceptable from a company this size, charging what they do, making what they do, and then to not really solve the problem. 

Focusing their attention on mobile is already giving me cold feet. Their complete incompetence on THE photo industry standard software is making me seriously consider the alternatives. 




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3 years ago

Hi Matt, Thanks for reporting your Lightroom issues. The crop issue should be addressed in the next update. Please let us know if you are interested in joining one of our beta test program to try out a prerelease build with the fixes?

As regards to other performance issues that you ran into, we need a little bit more context. Info from the Lightroom system info dialog would be helpful. A description of your Lightroom workflow and what is slowing you down would be useful to give you some recommendation to try. Try pause the Lr mobile sync and face indexing, disable the GPU acceleration. What is Lightroom's CPU and RAM usage as reported by the macOS activity monitor?

Principal Scientist, Adobe Lightroom

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3 years ago

I use Windows and when I had a few issues including the 'the previous image first appears' I was advised to update my video driver, which I did and it and the other display issues all disappeared. I thought that the MAC Operating system updates also updated the video drivers, but perhaps there is still the chance of problems in that area.

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3 years ago

I am on Mac and the problem of displaying the previous image that has been processed by the Crop function unfortunately still exists.

LR Classic 7.3.1, GPU Active.

Sinon, aucun soucis de réactivité actuellement dans le développement de RAW (16Mo pixels)