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Fri, Feb 8, 2019 9:08 PM

It's all in the NAME

This is old-hat, I know. I've been a Lightroom user for over 10 years and have neither needed nor wanted to go to any cloud-centric editing or storage system. Recently however, I have been looking more at what the 2 different versions offer in terms of tools, updates etc, and I find myself struggling with something as simple as the NAME!  What is it with the naming of these programmes??!  Why confuse the bejeebers out of users by calling the desktop-centric versions "CC"?  What IS the difference between "Lightroom CC for Desktop" and "Lightroom Classic CC"?  Why not just call them 'Lightroom Desktop' & 'Lightroom Cloud'.  The KISS principle comes to mind....."Keep It Simple, Stupid".


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2 years ago

Couldn’t agree more. I’ve just used LRCC and LRClassic

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2 years ago

With a smile... if you install both versions of Lightroom on your Desktop Computer (or laptop), they are both "Desktop" programs. And Lightroom Classic can share the cloud with the new Lightroom, so they are both "Cloud" programs too. The confusion is terrible and made worse by the new Lightroom having the gall to steal the old Lightroom's name and forcing customers to call it "Classic".

I can see the benefit of having selected photos stored online for easy access from multiple systems, but good old Lightroom should have been given a new module that works with Cloud storage, and there would still be a single famous program called Adobe Lightroom. Obviously it would work somewhat differently on Windows, Mac, Android and Apple, but most people expect that for everything. Two Lightrooms on Windows is absurd.

Old story - I remember discussing a data integration program and I laid out a simple solution. The guy who was waiting his turn was impressed and said, "I know a much more difficult way to do that". He probably works at Adobe now.