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Thu, Dec 19, 2019 5:41 PM

Issue: HDR Merge kicks you out of a custom Library View

At my job I have to auto-merge tons of HDR photos. I love that I can auto-stack by capture time, then select them all and merge HDR in the background... While they are merging in the background I would love to work on this or other shoots, but every single time Lightroom saves out an HDR merge it kicks me out of the current Library Filter view I am in.

For example, right now I am merging about 80 HDR images. I am trying to work on another project where I need to edit Green labeled files only, but every single time the other project saves out an HDR I am kicked out of the Green view and lose my place. This happens to me every day at my job and I can't think of any work-around... I understand you want people to see the HDR when it's saved, but perhaps that should be a setting for beginners. Someone like me who does this for a living needs to run big processes in the background and get going on other projects while it runs. Many times I have to use filters for color or star ratings, and booting me out of that view really becomes an issue. I use Classic, but I bet CC does the same thing as well.




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2 y ago

I haven’t tried this, but does it also work like that if you choose another collection to work in? In other words: you setup the HDR merge in a collection called ‘HDR’ and then you switch to another collection called ‘Green view’ to do the other work. If you keep working in the same collection/folder as where the merge takes place, then it makes sense that filters are reset when a new image (a new HDR) is added. But when you have switched to another location that should not happen.