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Wed, Jul 20, 2016 10:38 PM


iPhone SE Lens Profile


I'm just wondering why there is no lens profile for the iPhone SE in Lightroom? It's the same camera as the 6S and there is a profile for the latter, but not for the SE.

For the moment, the only workaround is to manually select "Apple" in the list. The (back) camera is then detected as an iPhone 6S.

Could anyone pass the idea to the debs?


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4 years ago

You realize you can set it as a default lens profile, so you don't have to do that each time?

Select the right lens, and then in the pop-up above, select Save new lens profile as default. In future, it'll automatically use your chosen profile for all photos shot with that camera/lens combination - in your case, the iPhone SE.

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4 years ago

Official profile submitted. Should be available in a future release.

- Chris