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Mon, Jun 29, 2020 7:03 PM


In LR Classic's SDK, add ability to distinguish Saved Print and Saved Book collections.

Want to be able to search for Saved Print and Saved Book collections with, perhaps, even a way of gathering Saved Prints and/or Saved Books in Smart Collections.




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1 y ago

To build on this: The LR UI provides no way to search for saved prints and books. The SDK provides no facilities for plugins to do this either.

collectionSet:getChildCollections() doesn't return saved print or book collections.

catalog:getActiveSources() returns {} when the current source is a saved print or book.

The only way for a plugin to get a saved print or book collection is to call photo:getContainedCollections() on a photo in that collection. But...

LrCollection provides no method for distinguishing print and book collections from regular collections.