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Sat, Jun 30, 2012 7:32 PM


Improve LR performance with (pre-) caching

LR4 is (mostly) slower than LR3 (on my i7-2600K, W7 64bit) but it could easily outperform LR3 using smart caching!

that means caching in RAM the images I need in the Moment!
not storing big directories on the harddisk which are not really used...

e.g. zooming in and out and in and in develop Module - without changing anything - causes:

recalculating and recalculating and recalculating and recalculating and recalculating and recalculating ...

PS does a much better job here, (and a little bit LR in loupe view!)

there could be a "magic" trick (additionally to tweaking the renderengine)

e.g. xnview loads and calculates the next Image while the user is looking at the current image, or editing it

pressing the "next" key therefore loads it immediately!
and of course zooming in and out works without delay

LR4.2, please implement this and preload/precalculate the 1:1 view and use it in develop mode,

and load also the previous image and the image after the next in advance
and some more, I have enough RAM. please use it!


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8 years ago

I agree. I have 12 GB, and LR rarely uses more than a few GB. Those empty GB ram could just as well have been used for caching of neighboring photos, zoom levels etc. Instead I see simple operations taking time while switching between two photos.

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8 years ago

Yes please! I have 16Gb of Ram which is wasted on LR4. I can't understand why other apps such as XnView, Picassa, IrfanView etc all manage to render and load files faster than LR which has the mighty Adobe resource behind it!

There must be a reason but Adobe seems to ignore all our gripes in this area.