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Sun, Jul 7, 2013 6:06 PM


Improve Lightroom Integration with BeHance

Lightroom allows the use of publishing services like SmugMug and BeHance. That's great. The SmugMug service allows the creation of new projects and galleries, while the BeHance service mandates that you publish to the Work In Progress folder.

The BeHance Work In Progress system of displaying photos and getting comments is weak at best, and not very useful. But the Project and ProSite portions of BeHance work OK.

Could Lightroom allow the creation of BeHance projects directly? That would be a helpful publishing service through the Lightroom interface.


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5 y ago

That's an old thread I was wanting to revive : since it was posted, the behance Wip service has disappeared to expect "something new" Hope it gets better visibility in a not so distant future.