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Thu, Dec 7, 2017 6:01 PM


Improve Lightroom import metadata preset UI

Lightroom has a poor UI for choosing/editing metadata during import.

In Aperture, presets were available AND current metadata was previewed in an editable text box. You could edit a preset or just directly type in your desired settings, and you had a preview during import.

In LR, you MUST use a preset. There is no preview of metadata that will be used, so you have to click the popup and select Edit Presets to even see what you are going to apply.

When you click Edit Presets, instead of opening the current preset, you get a new blank Custom preset. You have to click again to show the current preset. Then you can edit it.

When you click Done, it isn't saved, a box pops up and you have to click again to save it (instead of just putting standard Save/Don't Save/Cancel buttons in the Edit dialog.)

Then the Metadata popup switches to None- even though you had a preset selected, and just edited that preset! So you have to click AGAIN to switch back to the preset you want to use.

I'm proposing two changes:

1. Add a menu item to edit the current preset. This fits my workflow- I have a standard preset with copyright info, and only change location and subject. Every client has a different name and I shoot in numerous locations, so I have to change those fields every import.

2. Display the current metadata and allow direct editing (like Aperture.)

Please see the attached mockups.


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