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Sun, Apr 22, 2012 8:35 PM


Importing new photos into LR 4.1 is painfully slow

Importing raws and jpgs into LR 4.1RC is painfully slow, specially compared to LR 3.

Importing images in place from fast internal hard drive. Imports that used to take seconds in LR 3 now take minutes in LR 4.1.

Running on Mac Pro ( Model Name: Mac Pro
Model Identifier: MacPro1,1
Processor Name: Dual-Core Intel Xeon
Processor Speed: 2.66 GHz
Number Of Processors: 2
Total Number Of Cores: 4
L2 Cache (per processor): 4 MB
Memory: 8 GB
Bus Speed: 1.33 GHz
Boot ROM Version: MP11.005C.B08
SMC Version (system): 1.7f10)

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9 years ago

"Sample" the process from the Activity Monitor while it's slow importing. Let's see where the time is being taken.