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Mon, May 28, 2018 10:54 PM

Importing from Huawei P20 Pro

I tried importing my images directly from my HuaWeiP20Pro phone using the USB Cable into LR. What happened was, the images were sorted out with dates from 1970! Why is that? 

It works fine if I import from a folder from my desktop. I am using an iMac High Sierra OS. 

Not sure if this is a HW phone problem or LR problem. It just means I have to export my images onto a folder on my desktop and them import those images into LR from there. Just makes it a 2 process action instead of a direct import into LR. 

Can anyone help? 

Thanks! -AJ


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3 years ago

Could you please let us know what you meant by sorted out from 1970?
Where do you see this?