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Fri, Oct 20, 2017 7:31 AM

Ideas for Lightroom CC / Lightroom Classic CC

Hello Adobe team,

thanks for the many innovations in the products and the now really fast Lightroom Classic CC.

I am not a friend of my pictures permanently in the cloud, but have no problems to save the pictures for the processing period there to be able to work alternately on 2 PCs.

My ideal workflow would look like this:

- tethered shooting
- parallel images are displayed in Lightroom for iOS
- Pictures can be edited alternately on two PCs (different locations)
- during the Cloud phase, Sensei can also add keywords
- created Photoshop files are automatically imported into the Lightroom catalog
- After completion of the project, I would like to move the images from the cloud to my local NAS and local Lightroom-Catalog
- a cloud memory expansion between 20GB and 1TB. 1TB is too much for this workflow, 20GB too little;)

Sven Doelle (Adobe Germany) said I should specify the keywords Special Tethering, P2P Sync and PS Auto-Import.

Thanks and best regards




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3 years ago

I need the same functionality. I have 5TB of Raw files that I can't see my self uploading to the cloud but my new shoots I would love to load to the cloud temporarily so other people can work on them in different locations. Once the images are processes and synced with my local lightroom I would remove them from the cloud. So the cloud will be used as temporary sharing platform. And 1TB is sufficient for that but not 20GB as my raw files are 80-100MB each. Phase one IQ280