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Sun, Jul 31, 2016 8:37 PM


Idea for the Advanced Healing Brush

I often have pictures with a butterfly in the center and then some blade of grass sticking from it (that's how it looks at least). So I want to remove that blade, but without touching the butterfly of course. But this is nearly impossible to achieve in LR with the advanced healing brush, since it has always these rounded ends. Also in Photoshop this is hard, you have to deal with layers and masks to accomplish it. But I think this could be so easy. It could be done in the same way as with the Gradient Tool, where you can brush away the effect in certain places: After applying the healing, which then may overlay the butterfly a bit, brushing away the effect where it should not be. This would be absolutely awesome! And make my pictures of awesome butterflies even "awesomer"!

Looking forward to it, Antonia from


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