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Tue, Jul 9, 2019 6:39 AM


iCloud Photos/iMovie Killer: Lightroom Desktop + Premiere Rush

iCloud Photos and iMovie work fairly well together. Photos handles not only photos but video, including time lapse, slow motion, etc. It integrates with the iOS Camera app very well. Then if I want to create a video using these photos and videos it all integrates with iMovie backed by what is presented as a unified library in iCloud.

Adobe has all the pieces to do this and do it better. The mobile Lightroom camera, cloud storage, Lightroom CC, and Premiere Rush could all come together to knock it out of the park!

What's missing?

  • LR mobile camera should handle video, including high frame rate/slo mo and time lapse.
  • LR CC and/or Classic support for basic video editing (like what Apple Photos does, e.g., change where slo mo starts and stops).
  • Cloud library shared between Lightroom CC and Premiere Rush.
  • More editing and organizational features from Lightroom Classic (keep 'em coming!)
  • Bundle LR CC and Rush together in the Photography plan or similar.
  • Decouple storage pricing from app pricing and let the storage I pay for apply anywhere and everywhere in the Adobe world.
As a consumer I tried to move entirely to the Adobe ecosystem but I missed these overall abilities from the iCloud ecosystem. So I'm still stuck in a hybrid LR/iCloud world. In today's world of cameras that support both photos and video, and content produces who use both, it makes sense to have tooling that works to bring both media types together. Adobe has the right pieces to the puzzle, now please just put them together cohesively so I and many other hybrid media users can move all of our media workflow into the Adobe camp.


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2 years ago

This is a very good proposal .... Lovers being fond of video and photo .... And 2 subscription for an amateur is too much.

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2 years ago

We do live in the age of video and Adobe can be missing out on this opportunity of having a unified system - the market is definitely there for it. Photographers like myself love to dabble a bit and I'd love to have Premiere Rush but I've already got the photography plan and do not care for another Adobe plan as my 20GB allowance is sufficient for both my photography and video needs. 

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a year ago

I am just now migrating from LR Classic/Dropbox to Creative Cloud, and would have ample storage with the 1TB plan to meet my needs for photos and video if I could just tack on Premier Rush pointed at the same storage for an incremental charge that is consumer friendly. You laid it out perfectly. Big missed opportunity in my opinion and must be a huge potential market for consumers that want an integrated photo and video management solution. It’s enough to make me seriously consider dropping Adobe altogether in favor of iCloud despite otherwise loving / preferring Adobe solutions.

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10 months ago

This omission baffles me as well. Such a missed business opportunity, and a huge usability issue!

Please help prioritize this feature request for Lightroom CC cloud file access from Premiere Rush. In my opinion this is the main missing piece in Adobe's photo/video ecosystem: