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Sun, Aug 3, 2014 4:04 PM


I would like to synchronise with Lightroom mobile over LAN instead of internet.

Synchronizing with Lightroom Mobile can take several hours to sync and internet connectivity is not always available. When I work at remote locations, I want to work on my photos on the plane while flying home... I believe this is the whole idea of Lightroom Mobile - but this is impossible without internet connectivity. Synching over a LAN or USB connection makes sense.

I have now waited over 5 hours for a catalogue to sync and it is at 70%!!! I could edit, sort and finalise everything on my laptop by the time the sync is done!

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5 years ago

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And is their a way to use LR mobile and LR without a WLAN or Internet connection? So that i can sync it e.g. via iTunes or cabel?

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5 years ago

Take a look at Mylio. It can sync over a LAN, is more functional than Lr Mobile, and can read and write Lr adjustments and metadata changes.

It also can synch either full RAW images, previews, or thumbnails, and passes back and forth say keywords and captions, or adjustments like cropping, WB, B&W, etc. It works between computer OS's, mobile devices, NAS, etc.