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Wed, Oct 2, 2019 5:49 PM

How can I tether until tether support is released for the Canon EOS RP

I can't tether in Lightroom Classic (8.4) using my Canon EOS RP.
Can anyone shed some light on if and when tethering for Canon EOS RP will be available?
Is there any other way to get similar results to those of tething?



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a year ago

Use EOS Utility to shoot tethered into a folder "watched" by Lightroom for auto-import.  Very reliable but a lot slower than native Lightroom tethering support.  I've not done that with an RP but have with many other Canon's.  

I shoot with EOS-R bodies.  Full support of tethering with them was only recently added.  I'm betting the RP is not far behind.

Any Canon tethering using Lightroom seems to cause file naming issues if you rely on time stamp in the file name.  Essentially the time zone is not read correctly during import.  It's read just fine AFTER the import.  This bug has existed for years and continues with EOSR.  With that exception, Lightroom tethering is very fast and nearly as reliable as EOS Utility.

Bob Smith