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Sat, Jul 13, 2019 8:04 PM

High DPI Interface Problems on Windows 10

I just got a new laptop with a 4K display. I have it set to a scaling of 250%. I am finding that the interface on Lightroom Classic is very inconsistent. This is for Lightroom Classic version 8.3.1 on Windows 10 1903.

Here are some of the issues:

* The little arrows to hide or show the panels are not scaled to 250%, they are at their original size and are very small.

* The spacing between the menu items is not scaled. That is the space between File, Edit, Library, Photo, etc. is too close together.

* When importing photos the progress bar at the upper left of the screen is overlapping the text describing what the progress bar is doing.

* The space above the top panel, the module picker panel is taller than I believe that is should be. This might be the source of the problem of the previous issue (import progress bar problem).

* I don't know if this has anything to do with the high DPI display but sometimes when I switch between photos in loop view or develop mode, a different photo briefly flashes on the screen before the photo I am wanting is displayed. This did not happen on my older computer. However, I don't know if this version of Lightroom was running on that old computer so this might be a bug in the version.

That is what I have for now.

Thanks for hearing me out.



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2 y ago

Hi Mike,

thanks for reporting the issues. We will look into each one.